【Pokemon PLAMO】A popular series that lets you easily assemble cute Pokemon! Try assembling your favorite Pokemon with Plastic Model!

Hello everyone! My favorite Pokemon is Gengar!
I love the gap between its cute appearance and being a Ghost Type. I'm Saori from the Plastic Model Republic!
Hello everyone. I have many favorite Pokemon, but I suppose my top pick has to be Charizard.
Its dragon-like form is cool, and I especially love its black color variant. I'm Boss from the Plastic Model Republic.
So for today! Since there is a Plastic Model Series where we can easily assemble our favorite Pokemon, I'd like to check it out immediately! I wonder if there's a Plastic Model of my beloved Gangar-Chan! I'm excited!

【Pokemon PLAMO】
A popular series that lets you easily assemble cute Pokemon!
Try assembling your favorite Pokemon with Plastic Model!

What is Pokemon PLAMO?

Pokemon PLAMO is a Plastic Model Series designed to offer all Pokemon fans their first experience of model making, with a focus on easy and simple assembly.
The “Pokemon PLAMO Quick,” designed with the concept of “a simple specification that lets you visualize the finished product the moment you look at the runner,” is also released. It's pre-painted, and patterns are decorated with stickers. To pursue the Pokemon-like feel, they've paid significant attention to colors, form, and poses.
Wow!!! There is a Pokemon PLAMO of my beloved Gengar-Chan! Yay!!!
Its tongue is huge!!! Cute!!!
Pokemon PLAMO - Pokémon / Gengar
Oh! There's Charizard too! It's not a color variant but Charizard X, the black color looks cool~!!
Pokemon PLAMO - Pokémon / Charizard
It's great to see not only cool but also cute Pokemon in the lineup!
As new products seem to be regularly released, I'm really looking forward to what kind of Pokemon will be added in the future!
Personally...... I'd love to see Syaritatsu and Toedscruel from the latest game, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, added to the lineup!
Is your favorite Pokemon, the one you're reading this for, included in Pokemon PLAMO? Be sure to check out which Pokemon can be assembled with the Plastic Model!
Pokemon PLAMO
That's all for this time! See you in the next article~!
Bye for now!

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