【FRAME ARMS GIRL】 Limited Parts for “Durga I” Now Available! Revived as Durga I Save the Queen Ver. with New Expressions and Costumes!

The Queen of Light “Durga I Save the Queen Ver.” has appeared. This special Frame Arms Girl is an attractive figure that combines the mechanical design by ToMo and the beautiful girl illustrations by Eiji Komatsu.
“Durga I Save the Queen Ver.” features a color scheme based on white and blue, serving as a counterpart to the Darkness Queen version. Limited parts include a tiara for the head, along with various exclusive joint parts. The set includes three types of tampo-printed face parts: “normal face,” “smirking face,” and “disgusted face,” allowing you to freely change the figure's expression.
It comes with gold marking decals for the eyes and patterns, allowing for beautiful finishing touches. The specially colored heavy weapon units “Alnair Rod” and “Ex Armor C” can be combined to form a key-shaped rod, adding personality to the figure's armament.
Ex Armor E (Dress Ver.) includes new parts, featuring custom side armor tailored to Durga I's physique. Additionally, the set includes expanded side armor with added hard points on the sides, broadening the range of equipment variations.
All dedicated weapons and additional armor for Durga I are included, along with optional joint parts for the thighs and waist. With pull-out chest joints, shoulder joints, sliding hip joints, and pull-out joints inside the thighs, a wide range of motion is achieved, enhancing posing flexibility. The wrists feature ball joints with axial movement, providing rich expressive capabilities.
It includes five types of PVC wrists for both the left and right sides, which can be interchanged with the wrists from the existing Frame Arms Girl series. Additionally, 3mm diameter holes placed on the arms and legs allow for the use of existing M.S.G series and Frame Arms series weapons.
The main material is plastic, with product dimensions of 10 x 10 x 16 cm and a weight of 1.08 kg. This compact yet striking figure will surely add a brilliant touch to your collection.
“Durga I Save the Queen Ver.” with its beautiful design and various gimmicks is sure to captivate figure enthusiasts. Be sure to pick it up and experience its charm firsthand.
Plastic Model Kit - FRAME ARMS GIRL

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