【30 MINUTES SISTERS】The 10th Character, Siana, Excels in Graceful Combat Like Dolphins and Orcas!

Hello everyone. This is Boss from Plastic Model Republic, feeling the realization that we've introduced characters up to the 10th wave of 30 MINUTES SISTERS!
Hello everyone! Personally, I think the 10th character we're introducing this time is super cute......!! This is Saori from Plastic Model Republic!
Up until now, we had many land animal motifs, but this time, it's sea animals! Let me introduce this 30 MINUTES SISTERS to you!

【30 MINUTES SISTERS】Featuring Blue Armor Inspired by the Ocean! The 10th Character, Siana, Excels in Graceful Combat Like Dolphins and Orcas!

Fighting gracefully like orcas and sharks swimming in the sea! The 10th character, Siana Amarcia, is distinguished by a blue-based bodysuit!

The ocean-like design is nice~! The shark-like parts on the hands are also distinctive, and personally, I think the flowing light blue long hair is super cute on the character!
Oh~! So the hair is tied up when armed, but you can change the hairstyle, too. That's cute.
She has a calm personality, cherishing the softness and kindness reminiscent of the tropical seas. She's cheerful and sociable, with a great personality that allows her to be considerate of her surroundings. The chignon she wears while her hair is tied up acts like a sonar, able to detect animal sounds and wavelengths.
Nice~! I love these detailed settings! We've introduced ten characters of 30 MINUTES SISTERS so far, but which one do you like the most? There are still many more 30 MINUTES SISTERS characters, so please continue to pay attention to them, both now and in the future!
Siana Amarcia

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