【ARCANADEA】Angels! Demons! And Shrine Maidens! Introducing KOTOBUKIYA's New Pretty Girl Plastic Model Series!!

Hello everyone, I'm Boss from Plastic Model Republic.
Hello everyone! I'm Saori from Plastic Model Republic.
Suddenly, Boss! If you had to choose between characters with angel, demon, and animal ear attributes, which would you like the most!?
What's this all of a sudden!!
Personally, I like the pure and innocent angels!!

【ARCANADEA】Introducing KOTOBUKIYA's New Pretty Girl Plastic Model Series!! Angels! Demons! And Shrine Maidens! Introducing the Very Cute Three ARCANADEA Characters!

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Oh! Here are three cute girls who are exactly angels, demons, and animal ears. Are they characters from a new Plastic Model Series?
Yes, that's right! It's the ARCANADEA series, a new Plastic Model project that's getting a lot of attention, with new models constantly coming out from KOTOBUKIYA!

What is the ARCANADEA series?

The ARCANADEA series is a new pretty girl Plastic Model Series presented by KOTOBUKIYA, a leading figure and Plastic Model development manufacturer.
Its unique world view, based on the story unfolding in the near-future mass participation game (VRMMO) “ARCANADEA-Arcanadia-”, is a distinctive feature. It's a media mix work that turns the characters who play an active part there into Plastic Models.
Oh! The characters are cute!
The ARCANADEA series has just recently started in earnest, so there are still only a few characters! But the Plastic Models of the three main characters are really cute!


Wait, hasn't the last one's Plastic Model not been released yet?
The Plastic Model for YUKUMO-Chan, the last one in the ARCANADEA series, is set to be released this month, in June! Please wait a while longer until the dedicated page is ready!

The number of parts is relatively high, but it's not too difficult! It's suitable for beginners to intermediate level, and it would be great if it could be done between 1 to 3 hours!

What's the production time like? At first glance, there seem to be more parts that look like Figures rather than Plastic Models, so it doesn't seem like there would be that many small parts......
That's right, there aren't too many, but it's not too few either. It seems to be at a decent difficulty level for intermediates! Since there are many small parts, the details are carefully crafted, so please take a cute photo when it's completed!
Breaking news! The fourth and fifth characters were announced at the recent exhibition! The world view seems to be expanding even further! Are they friends or foes......!?
Well then, that's it for this time! See you in the next article! Bye-bye!

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